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Albacore – the Better Tuna

school of albacore

This migratory fish is caught at a young age in the cold northern waters of the Pacific ocean. Albacore can swim up to speeds of 80 km/hr. They have long pectoral fins and bullet-shaped streamlined-bodies adapted to fast continuous-swimming in the open ocean. Albacore can be found in enormous schools 30 kilometres wide.

Albacore troll-caught in the North Pacific ocean is certified by the MSC as a sustainable fishery. Albacore makes for a better tuna choice when it comes to mercury and other pollutants. Albacore can live to 12 years. Young Albacore harvested at 2 to 3 years have not had time to accumulate significant amounts of pollutants.

Bluefin and Yellowfin are high in mercury and should be eaten infrequently if at all. Bluefin is a large slow-growing tuna, with a lower reproduction rate, at risk for becoming an endangered species. According to the MSC, all populations of Bluefin are overfished, and some Yellowfin stocks are in decline.